The Witch of Heaven...
By CherishTheStorm
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Xanadu is a loner, yet she cares so deeply for those around her that she near destroys herself to protect them. People don't understand what she does, and it tears at her when she is pushed away out of fear of what she is and what she does. Xanadu is an Empath, not a mythical being or a creature from another world with magical powers, but a human living on Earth who can feel the energies of those around her. But energies are tricky because they have a knack for effecting the emotions of those around them without their knowing it. Xanadu is more effected than anyone else, and she is also aware of these energies, unlike most other human beings. Xanadu has been saving people from their own out-of-control energies since she realized that she could, and because of this she is fading and no one even knows what she is doing for them; how she is dying for them. But someone finally notices that she is wasting away, and for the first time brings people into Xanadu's life who try to reach out to her and understand what she has been going through for so long.

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The Witch...
by CherishTheStorm