Secrets and Lies ||...
By hollandftweasley
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People tell lies and people keep secrets. Some lies are just little white lies while others can dig you a giant hole. Some secrets are better of being kept while others deserve to be told! But at what point does a lie become an secret, and an secret become a lie? At Beacon Hills nothing is ever as it seems. Sienna Taylor a 14 year old girl from London, England is walking home from Westfield. When a string of unwanted bad luck comes her way. A dog bite, 2 deaths and a new house with a new family in a new country. However when she starts to learn the truth what will she think will it start to change her as a person or will she remain the same? Plus what will happen when a certain blue eyed beta decides to take a liking to the new British girl.


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Secrets a...
by hollandftweasley