Hearts Afar
By BeetleBugMomma
  • Teen Fiction
  • claire
  • clay
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  • sequel


Claire Henderson and her family moves to Hartford, CT after learning that her father, Luke was a casualty of war. She becomes the nanny to the two youngest Redden children and hears stories about their older brother, Clay, who is in the military and with his best friend, Brent. The more time Claire and Clay spend together, the more they realize they care about each other. Clay Redden never had the chance to thank his commanding officer for getting him out of trouble so many times. When he saves Clay and Brent's life after a silly goof up, Clay swears that he'll take his military career more seriously. When he meets Claire for the first time, he's mesmerized by her beauty. When he realizes that she is the daughter of his commanding officer, can he tell her that it was his fault that her father was captured and later killed. Can these two overcome the situation and be together? What happens if fate had other plans and Claire would end up losing someone else in her life?


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Hearts Af...
by BeetleBugMomma