Prison Caste (Dark...
By MyIrishOne
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Niall Horan maybe small, quiet, sweet and cute, but he's the leader of the large group of prisoners in UK, with his right hand, Liam Payne. Niall may look vulnerable, but he's the strongest fighter in the prison, no one can defeat him, not even Liam. But what happens when the new prisoner will break his prestige and lead him to the lowest position. Will he fight for his position or for love? Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson has been prisoned for using Illegal Drugs in public, they're not ashamed for what they did, because they've been to prison twice, with the help of their parents, they're easily bailed out. As they make their way to the cell, Zayn saw a blonde boy, with beautiful fea tures and perfect complexion, Zayn felt a spark in his body. Will this spark make the lad happy or it will be burden to make the spark to combustion? WARNING: Contains Smut, Drugs, Rape and Death

Prison Caste (Dark Ziall AU)

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Prison Ca...
by MyIrishOne