WRONG but feels so...
By SmallTownWriter5
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Angel moved to Vermont just over a year ago. She has now just finished high school and is ready to move away and start the college life. Just before she tells her mum that she's going she finds out that her mother has finally found another man, Stefan and that they are getting married. Her plans of moving get put on hold when she has to stay back and join her mother and Stefan on a 4 months holiday at Stefan's beach house and hopefully where her mother gets married. Angel is happy for her mother and doesn't mind going on the holiday or her getting married, that was until she finds out that Stefan has a son and not just any son, Jeremy Collins. The bad ass that all of her friends talked about when she first got to Vermont.The Jeremy Collins that all her friends still talk about today. Jeremy was still in prison when Angel arrived but he recently just got out. She hasn't ever met Jeremy before but from what she's heard off her friends she decided she didn't want to either. Though she didn't even know the man so she didn't think it would be that bad, plus he was going to be her step-brother, but that all changed when she found out she has to share a bedroom with him! Will Angel survive the 4 months living with this Jeremy? Or once it's over will she want more?

Chapter 1. Meeting The Future Step-Brother

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WRONG but...
by SmallTownWriter5