Sorrow of the Drago...
By PamelaDragonborn
  • Fantasy
  • angels
  • demons
  • dragon
  • dragons
  • fantasy
  • female
  • game
  • gods
  • lead
  • magical
  • powers
  • prophecy
  • seraphim
  • sorcery
  • strong
  • swords
  • thrones
  • twilight


She wanted love; the dragon gods demanded her sacrifice. In a world torn asunder by the wars of demon gods and dragon gods for control over the realms, one girl must find her path among the seraphim of legends or risk destroying everything she loves. For millennia, mortals have been bound by the covenant of the dragon gods, worshiping the creatures to gain access to the fount of magic deep within the realm. Journey through the kingdoms of light and dark as Cauri discovers the truth about her past and struggles to save the land of Solace from the encroaching darkness. SORROW OF THE DRAGON GODS is a young adult fantasy adventure where dragon gods rule the realm, seraphim conjure ancient prophecy, and witches and wizards fight for control over their magic.

Chapter 1: The Dragon God

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Sorrow of...
by PamelaDragonborn