My Little Annabelle...
By Insanity69
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Annabelle Malfoy is going into her third year at Hogwarts. Annabelle has always felt the odd one in the family. Probably because she was adopted. She does not know who her real parents and family are when she asks her father Lucius about them he would scold her and tell her they were horrible people and to stop asking. She always knew she was adopted because while they had blonde hair and blue eyes she would have dark wavy brown hair and pale blue eyes and she's not as pale as her family. She along with her friends are a part of the Gryffindor house. With the exception of a friend from Hufflepuff. Annabelle is smart, protective, caring, intelligent, mischievous, and sometimes a troublemaker. It seems that this year is different, she'll find the truth about her birth parents and find out who her real family is. Come along on Annabelles adventure through her third year at Hogwarts and see what happens.


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My Little...
by Insanity69