Blood Kiss [MXM] ON...
By LadyAriya
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THIS STORY IS ON HOLD. HAS TO BE REWRITTEN. STAY TUNED! I was barely eight when he took me in that one cold winter night. With his many years on this earth, I was an infant compared to him, and that clearly showed with the way he treated me like if I was his little brother. I was thick headed and stubborn, when the house cleaners told me to stop looking at him like he was my world, he was my world after all. After my mom died from the shipwreck and the mystery of my dad never showing after said shipwreck, I had no one to go, he was the one that took me in, he were my anchor, but also my storm. He made me dizzy with the way he ruled his kingdom with a flick of his hand, using his deep but soothing and commanding voice. He had it all, looks, loyalty and leadership. And women, he had a lot of women too. Beautiful and luscious big-mouthed women jumping and kissing his feet like he was their God. And in a way, he were. He was the leader, the superior of the 100 or so members of this vampire clan. And I couldn't help but fall in love with the man I could never have. My traitorous heart wouldn't have no other than him. And I accepted it. Copyright ©, LadyAriya, 2015.

Blood Kiss

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Blood Kis...
by LadyAriya