Thicker Skin
By DashieBoo20
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Samya Reese isn't exactly the most liked person in her hometown of peers. Samya decides to leave her town for college and along the way she meets up with her old and new pals. Anthony Williams a hilarious Bio major who is to sexy for school, Janet Milton a true southern bell who comes from money and isn't afraid to remind everyone, Seth Porter the fake gangsta of the group and the only one who could run table around Albert Einstein,and Macedez Vasquez the fire ball of the group who is always blunt and tends to get you into,but out of trouble as well,. Samya takes a trip back home with this wacky group to help with a community out reach program. In this story Samya old dirt may come bake to either hurt her or give her closure.

Blinded but Grounded

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Thicker S...
by DashieBoo20