His Omega (Werewolf...
By YasmineFernandez9984
  • Werewolf
  • drama
  • innocent
  • mpreg
  • omega
  • romance
  • werewolf


Oscar Anderson is your typical small Omega, compared to his siblings Oscar is the only Omega out of them all. With his older brother Owen and older sister Abby taking over the pack, Oscar is still trying to finish his school year. Oscar is small, fragile and scared running through the woods, with rogues constantly roaming the area, his father Miles make sure that his pups are in safe arms. Oscar is a daddy's boy, he cannot stand being out of his fathers warmth. But as Oscar is starting to become an adult, his mothers convince him it's time to let go and become a man. All of his siblings already found their mates but as Oscar finally turned 18 and the only one who doesn't have a mate, Oscar thinks there's something wrong. That soon changes when Miles long time best friend decides to pay him a visit. Alpha of Dark Moon pack and a neighbor towards their's. Oscar didn't expect his mate to be, Alpha Enzo of Dark Moon pack. Alpha Enzo also didn't expect to find his mate let along to be his best friends son, everything about Oscar screams innocents and now Enzo isn't planning letting this little beauty out of his grasp.

His Omega

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His Omega...
by YasmineFernandez9984