Dear Someone [2012...
By YellowCottonHat
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[Thank you to all those to took part. Though the video never came to be due to my laptop breaking down and losing everything at that time, I still had enough in my scrapbook to pass the course- and actually got an A*. Couldn't have done it without you guys... So, thank you. c:] FAANS! Your help is needed! Okay, I have a favour to ask you guys! I'm doing a project at school, a type of year long thingy for my Creative and Media Diploma and I wanted to try and make a film. It's all about life and happiness, what I think of it... If happiness is an emotion or a state, what to make of life, especially recently and with bullying and how people relate to each other. It's also going to be in a sort of diary entry format, with every day's section beginning with 'Dear Someone' as if you're speaking to someone you don't know -which is the idea. Why I need your help? Weell, I didn't just want my views to be in there, I'd love you guys out there in the world to be involved too! So I was wondering, if you'd like, if you could send a video (or poem, or picture, or song, whatever) to my email; xxxxxxx The video doesn't have to be short or long, I don't mind. You can send as many or as little as you want, I'll try and edit them all into the film, it can have your face in it, or not, have speech or you can write on sheets of paper and put that in the camera..! Whatever, just make it creative! I'm really excited to start this and hope you guys can support me! Also, just as a warning when finished the video may or may not go onto YouTube. Let me know in the email if you want to be kept anonymous and stuff, just so I know. Bleh. Anyway, with this monster of a message, a bid thee goodbyes. :) Thank you!

Dear Someone | One | 22 May 2011

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Dear Some...
by YellowCottonHat