Tower Gardelle
By TessRebellious
  • Fantasy
  • assassins
  • battle
  • fantasyland
  • heroine
  • magic
  • magicians
  • politics
  • romance
  • treason
  • war
  • wizards


Destrim has always protected Tower Gardelle. His magic keeps not only the Tower, but the entire city safe from harm. With the rise of the latest Queen and King, however, magic is banned. Destrim's assistant, a twenty-some odd year old named Luistia, had little taste for his magic, leaving him only her young sister to train. He finds need for both when a powerful storm rolls in and throws the kingdom of Gardelle into turmoil. News of war breaks out as their sworn enemies are found to have stolen something precious to the Queen and Luistia's sister is kidnapped. Too old and broken to save her himself, Luistia is left with the task. The only way to get her sister back is for Luistia to retrieve the Queen's object. On her dangerous quest she discovers that magic is far trickier than what meets the eye, and that people are never as they appear. Her sister's life, and Gardelle's, lies in her hands as things become deadly. The only way to save the Kingdom is to lose everything she's ever loved.


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Tower Gar...
by TessRebellious