Fading Zen (Book 1)
By LemonSuccubus
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Fading: /fādiNG/ 1. To gradually grow faint and disappear. Zen: /zEn/ 1. A state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Book One of the Zen Series. Louis Tomlinson is a massage therapist who may appear to be the epitome of 'zen' on the outside, but couldn't be more the opposite on the inside. He has never been great with relationships; and he's definitely never been with anyone like Harry Styles before. Harry is a college student and athlete with a wild past of his own. Their relationship has potential... If both of them can learn to properly deal with the demons of their past. Warnings: Smut. Experimentation with kinks. Language. Repressed anger and depressive moments. Mention of previous abusive relationship. Two instances of drug use and one instance of joking about rape. I believe some chapters are on 'private', so make sure you're following me for the full/complete reading experience. I DO NOT use Wattpad as my social media nor as a daily journal, so fear not the few and far between notifications that are sent out by me.

1 Fading Zen

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Fading Ze...
by LemonSuccubus