All you need is ME
By TheWitchAndTheCat
  • Romance
  • age-gap
  • arrogant
  • basketball
  • boyxboy
  • lgbt
  • love
  • manxman
  • mature
  • romance
  • slash
  • slice-of-life
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WARNING: mature content of boyxboy or better manxman story and actions. The story is R-rated, therefore you know what it means. Thank you for your understanding. Story NOT EDITED. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I shall edit it as soon as possible. Emmett is a broken man, in a blink he had lost everything. His brilliant career in the NBA with a stellar contract, the fame and glory, his family, his fiancée abandoned him when he most needed her, when he most needed an anchor to keep him from sinking to the lowest point. Now Emmett lives on far side of the Atlantic Ocean, in the small, but colourful Dublin. However, his past nightmares keep hunting him, the regret eats his soul day after day. He is alive, but inside he is empty and arid. Then he meets someone, a brat with a natural talent for getting on your nerves. Shane, the young lad of 19yrs old is another broken and abandoned soul. Another wrecked soul who loathes with all his passion self pity and other's commiseration. He told his parents he is gay and hoped they would support him. They kicked him out to a hell hole and now he only lets his anger, acid sarcasm and resentment give him the force to face every single day to help him finally leave that hole. While Shane is openly attracted by the hot and empty eyes Emmett and tries to get under his skin with his provocations, Emmett tries with all his force to deny how intriguing and alluring are Shane's liquid eyes and the strange wicked light they hold in the back. And his smirking and soft lips. Will Emmett sink lower and end eaten by his own regrets or will he find the force and guts to react and win all of his prejudices? Can a broken soul repair another broken soul? Cover by Azer90

All you need is ME (MxM)

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All you n...
by TheWitchAndTheCat