Silence in New York...
By Sicilian-Sensation
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Description _______________✏ “It really is a beautiful piece” he murmured before disarming the safety. “Ah, I’d prefer if you didn’t-” “Hmm?” He tilted the gun back into an upright position now aiming it steadily towards her. “I’m sure he got you something without serial numbers I assume? Untraceable?” Her breath hitched and she immediately froze on the spot. What the fũck is happening right now? Her hands instinctively raised up near her head as if surrendering. “How do you know his name?” She asked attempting to mask the fear in her voice but failing miserably. “I never told you his name,” she continued firing away the questions rapidly. “If this is some sort of joke” she stated, “then it’s time to come clean now. You’re scaring me.” “Joke?” He walked towards her with his finger firmly on the trigger. “I thought I was going to have to get my gun out tonight, but looks like you had one just readily waiting for me” he motioned his head towards the dining room chairs pointing them out to her, “drag a chair over and take a seat bella.” _______________✏ Salvatore Abandonato, a Naples born mobster climbing the ladder to success. He will do anything to protect his family and ensure their successful name throughout New York City. When he meets Adriana Di Dio, a gorgeous young Sicilian, things change dramatically. It's not only him and his family he has to protect now, but also the young life of Adriana. The pair commence a roller-coaster ride filled with danger and and immense emotions. A roller-coaster ride they can't seem to get of... _______________✏

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Silence i...
by Sicilian-Sensation