Malum Lake (GirlXGi...
By LBrooks23
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~COMPLETED~ Brooklyn White is convinced by one of her good friends Kate to tag along on their road trip to a hunting camp up in North Dakota. She only suspects it’s going to be her, Kate, Zeke, Lyle, and Nathan, but when they arrive to pick her up, there is an unexpected passenger in the backseat. Allison Bennet, former crush and ex-best friend. It was enough to send Brooklyn back to her house to unpack, and later on she wished she would’ve. Running into car trouble on the way to the camp and the creepy town where no one seems to have any intention on helping them get to their destination. Is this the harbinger that is warning them of the evil they have yet to face? And if so, are they going to listen to it and turn back around before it’s to late?

Chp. 1

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Malum Lak...
by LBrooks23