Marine Love (boyxbo...
By AliceElizabeth321
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"Careful human." The...thing said in a concerned voice. "W-What are you, what d-do you want?" I shakily asked him, curling up my body protecting myself. "Shh human don't be afraid. You are my mate." What is a mate? Why did he bring me here? Who is he? Why is he looking at me like that? From the distance I put between us I could admire him more, and his tail. He really is beautiful. It was a deep teal green colour with gold and blue blended in with it that reminded me of his eyes. He was holding himself up with his arms looking at me curiously, head slightly bent to the side and all. "What are you, what do you want?" I asked slowly, my heartbeat had almost reduced to normal again but I was feeling a strange pull towards the creature in front of me. "I am a Merman and you are my mate." His voice was deep and sounded like music the way he spoke. But mate? "Mate?" I asked hoping to find out the way in which he directed this word. "My love," he paused looking into my hazel eyes. "Come closer human you are beautiful...and mine."


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Marine Lo...
by AliceElizabeth321