Nobody Compares : A...
By niallsprincesseb
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Liam brokenhearted by his two year relationship with Danielle wants to become a new person and break his good boy image. After becoming a bad boy and adopting Zayn’s and Harry’s womanizer image he encounters Darlyn. Darlyn is a small town girl who is in college studying to be a psychologist. She has two little sisters who annoy her constantly with their favorite boy bands One Direction and The Wanted. As Danielle tries to crawl back into Liam’s life after he has started a new relationship with Darlyn. Who does Liam’s heart will beat for next? When he has to choose between Danielle and Darlyn? The Sequel to NBC is titled "Your Still The One:The Sequel" make sure to go to my works and added it to your library! :) ILY thank you sooo much for reading!!

Chapter1: Liam's Dark Night Rises

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Nobody Co...
by niallsprincesseb