Runaway Chef [ON HO...
By DNAzzizat
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She enjoys the passion, the adventures, and mostly the wide range of different types of food. Quinn DeVaux loves getting on the run in searching and learning different types of recipes around the world. If she was given a choice, she would never stop trailing down the road of adventures but as much as she wanted to, she has family and friends to think about back at home. When she decided to fly back to NY, working at one of her family's closest friend's restaurant was the closest to adventure she gets to live in. Lacking of the adventure she's obsessed with, she was dying to get out of her plain jane's life in a matter of time. One Night. One Man. One four course meal. That's all it takes for Quinn to get back onto her adventures of jumping from one restaurant to another restaurant when Paolo Valasquez takes interest in her. When he was determiend to get her, she was determined to get away from him. Both Quinn and Paolo were happy in their circle of lives until the past caught up with the present when an old acquaintance from Quinn's past life came back seeking something from her.

Chapter 1

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Runaway C...
by DNAzzizat