The Bad boy and the...
By writeforheart
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This isn't a normal good girl bad boy story you often read this is total and completely different Niomie steller is a total nerd and lives to go to school and especially loves math .....her brother is a total jock and gets girls hitting on him a lot of times that's where she gets her popularity from.....she and her brother moved to L.A. After her fathers was a new chance for her to live a better life bcuz her old school she would get bullied a lot but this was a different school where she find an interesting bad boy in her life that she would want to sees the soft side Shaun Morgan is a player,heartbreaker,and is a bad boy who secretively loves math....he's part of a gang which is like his life except the point he gets laid everyday by a different girl......he finds a best friend named Chris who just moved to his school with the guys sister A/N WANT TO FIND OUT MORE PLZ READ THIS STORY ILL BE UPDATING EVRYDAY I HOPE

My bad boy

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The Bad b...
by writeforheart