Our Love Could Be L...
By ninjasawakendmystar
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"Sweetheart, you underestimate how much Finnick loves this girl. My tip, don't be the one to get in between the bronze God and his ninja-assassin girlfriend; otherwise, you may find your body has some sort of foreign object sticking out of it." ~Haymitch Abernathy ------------------- Octavia Jones: a vicious Victor from District 2 and winner of the 68th annual Hunger Games. Born into a family of Victors who wanted nothing more than their own blood to win the Hunger Games once again, Octavia longs to find someone who cares about her; beyond her knife-throwing abilities that is. As if sent by fate, hearing Octavia's lonely call, Finnick Odair takes an interest in her and they become fast friends, best friends even. But over the years, will they become more than friends? A Finnick Odair X OC Story Act II Beta-Read by the Lovely @grayjoys Pre-Games- Post Mockingjay Currently in: Catching Fire Act I Disclaimer: I do not have the right to profit off of this work in any way, shape, or form, nor do I; all copyright belongs to Suzanne Collins. 2015-Present All Rights Reserved

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Our Love...
by ninjasawakendmystar