Fixing The Broken O...
By seiraphic
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[under chapters editing] Rin was more than content with her lone-wolf and hectic way of living, but Rintarou had another idea when he announced his re-marriage and told his eldest daughter to move with the Asahina brothers alongside of her sister Ema. Rin was the epitome of ice and she hadn't found someone to be her sunlight. She was a wall of thorns without someone to cut them down. A birdcage without a key and she was the canary. This is a story of healing, forgiving, and accepting what is supposed to be accepted. Which is love and everything that comes in between. **A Brothers Conflict FanFiction** ■○■ Please don't copy, claim, use my story or my works to your advantage. If you'd like, consult to me first. I don't own BroCon. ©seiraphic p.s; the story is under editing, some parts are unpublished and being edited, please bear with me.


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Fixing Th...
by seiraphic