Fixing The Broken O...
By seiraphic
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Rin, who was more than content with her lone-wolf way of living, was thrown into a family drama involving her younger stepsister, thirteen new brothers, and a marriage of two families. Rin was ice, herself in the flesh, and she had never let a single ray of sunlight in. As the Asahina wormed themselves into her lives, she noticed that melting her walls aren't such a bad thing. In the Sunrise Residence, a tale revolving around her and her own demons will unveil. Let the curtains rise. * In which, a girl as cold as ice learned that the sun isn't scorching hot and instead they're warm and the sun exists in the form of new stepbrothers, apparently. **A Brothers Conflict FanFiction** ■○■ Please don't copy, claim, use my story or my works to your advantage. If you'd like, consult to me first. I don't own BroCon. ©seiraphic p.s; the story is under editing, some parts are unpublished and being edited, please bear with me.


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Fixing Th...
by seiraphic