Lust, Love or Somet...
By Nenerh1
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Colin Kaepernick is a NFL Pro Football Player and the Quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. Blessed with Looks, Charm, Intelligence and Kindness, he feels like he has it made! Women practically throw themselves at him where ever he goes and he finds it amusing! He can have a different women every night of the week if he'd like! Him and some of his friends made this "Sport", a Competition, seeing how many One Night Stands they can each have. But what happens when Colin takes a "Certain Woman" home making him change his mind about his "player" ways without her even realizing it? Will she be receptive to him knowing his ways? Or will she see something in him that is trying to change him for the better?

Chapter 1: Dark Horse

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Lust, Lov...
by Nenerh1