While I'm Gone
By AnaSimons
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On the surface, Sophie had it all. The perfect marriage, a wonderful son, a successful career. But then, when Alex puts an end to their marriage, the day before she must leave for a two-week work assignment in London, her whole world is turned upside down. As she juggles her emotions at the airport terminal, Matthew O'Brian observes her, intrigued. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, the charming and enigmatic doctor doesn't shy away and pursues her with everything he has. Heartbroken and confused, Sophie lets herself dive into an intense relationship she believes is fated to end as soon as she returns home. After all, Matthew is just too good to be true and she's learned her lesson: nothing is as it seems. What if behind his passion and determination, he carries secrets that might break her, even more? We all have a story buried deep within us. Skeletons in our closets that follow us no matter how hard we try to forget about them. She sure has them. He must have his too. But when the unexpected happens and their story is put to the ultimate test, will they be ready to give up on each other? ** SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY -- Removed for publication. Perfect for romantic women's fiction fans, 'While I'm Gone' brings together two strangers whose paths cross unexpectedly. An honest and thought-provoking story about life, love and second chances.


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While I'm...
by AnaSimons