Yesterday's Promise...
By LoveMarvel
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Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are two completely different people in every single way. Steve is laid back, kind, and always gets his school work in on time, while at the same time, being captain of the football team. Tony however, is reckless, careless, and never even bothers to do his work, knowing that he'll ace the tests anyway. He expresses his playboy personality extremely well while keeping his reputation held high. While going to the same school, the two never talked much and even though they were in the same group of friends, they just never really had reason to- and Steve wasn't a fan of Tony's attitude. When a party brings them together as friends, they come to find one another's company not as terrible as they thought and as time progresses they soon find themselves endlessly in love. The only problem being, would Tony be able to have everyone see him as he really is and who he really loves? Must you really lie about love to uphold a reputation?

Chapter 1

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by LoveMarvel