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By ChangeFate
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I was none other then Reed Hemmings twin brother, that was what I was known for. It was not anyone's fault but my own, I showed up halfway through the school year of his and my own eleventh year. Our parents were separated, but due to a little..Incident with my own father, I was forced to come live with Reed and my mother. Reed absolutely hates me, he does not like the way I dress, my voice, my hobbies. He has absolutely nothing to look forward too in me. He does not like the way I do my hair, the way I carry myself. And above all; he does not like how I handle situations. Needless to say, we do not get along, but my mother is forcing him to assist me, and he is the biggest mummy's boy I know. As a result, he is going to have to let me into his little group of friends. Whether it's the biggest mistake of his life or not. © Copyright 2015 ChangeFate


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