Echoes of passion
By chocowriter18
  • Fantasy
  • interracial
  • student
  • suspense
  • teacher


If possible, no readers below the age of 18 please!! Iris Nkem has always been the disciplined, strong-willed and determined African lady her mother raised her to be. However, nothing could prepare her for the red-hot blazing attraction she feels for her teacher, Mr. Henderson. Sebastian Henderson V has been the catch of the upper class London society for years, he has a dukedom and millions to inherit. But a sudden realization forces him to re-examine his life and move to a place where he could truly be himself. Little does he know that he would have to fight a whole different battle in the form of his 16 year old student, Iris. Together, these two will struggle against turmoils, conspiracies and the ideas of two different cultures to win each other's hearts.

Chapter 1

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Echoes of...
by chocowriter18