Until The Day Comes...
By panda_lover2323
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She's Been Waiting And Waiting Until The Day Comes. She's been living In A World Of Darkness Until The Day Comes. She's Feared Everything Until The Day Comes. But She Finally Lets Go When The Day Comes. Mia Walker Has Gone Through A Tough Child Hood. Her Mom Leaves, Her Dad Becomes An alcoholic And An Abusive Father, Her Only Sibling Is Her Twin Kennedy But She Won't Even Pay Attention To Her, Not Even At School. When Mia's Dad Goes To Prison For Abuse Of His Children, The Government By Law Take Her Away To Her Aunt Melissa's House. There She Discovers Her Aunt Has A Young Boy Working For Her, About Two Years Older Than Her. She Gets To Meet The Boy. At First He's Okay, But Mia Starts Believing She Might Have Fallen In Love. Maybe Even Too Quick. After A While Of Being In Her Aunts House And Settling In She Decides To Get Out More, Not Alone Of Course. One Day Sitting At A Wooden Bench At The Park Watching Children Play She Sees Something That Nearly Makes Her Faint. "Could that really be my mother?"

-Chapter 1- -my life-

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Until The...
by panda_lover2323