Book One: Heal the...
By irwinxx5sos
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Thirteen year old Chloe Walters has not lived the best life. No, not at all. Her parents are into drugs, so she pretty much takes care of herself. She doesn't have any friends, true friends at least. She gets pregnant after being raped by an older boy at her school. She gets bullied at school for getting pregnant at only thirteen years old. At fourteen, she has the child and becomes a mum. Around a year later, a boy named Ashton Irwin shows up at her school. She likes Ashton, but Ashton has no idea about her past or her child. He is destined to find out, but Chloe doesn't want him to. She's too ashamed. Will Chloe ever get over her past? Will she ever tell Ashton? What will Ashton do to help her? Warning: Some mention and use of Christian language in this book. Christianity is used to help Chloe in this book, so if you are offended by any Christian language, I suggest not reading this book.

Chapter 1 - Prologue

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Book One:...
by irwinxx5sos