Protect Me
By Rawrxx13
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Chaise "Ace" Azalea Pierce, everyone is scared of her. Scared of her because of her last name. Once people knew her full name, they would run away and cower in a corner, scared that she would kill them. Just because her father is the leader of the most wanted and feared gang, "The Murking Mafia". Little did they know, she was probably one of the most innocent creatures on planet Earth. She has never hurt a fly, wouldn't ever think nor dream about it. Jason "The Devil" Andrew McCann, North America's, Asia's, and Australia's Most Wanted person. Jason works for Christopher Pierce, Chaise's dad. Everyone is scared of him for obvious reasons. I mean, he would kill you just for fun...who wouldn't be scared of him? His public nickname is "The Devil". He was Lucifer come to life. He was the Mafia King. He didn't care who you were, if you step one inch in his path, he'll kill you and watch your life leave your body with nothing but pleasure. That's when Chaise come's home one day and her father tells her she has to move in with Jason because he has too many enemies after him and wanting her and Jason is the only person he can think of to protect her. Christopher makes Jason's next mission to protect his only daughter with all of his life. And protect her he does. Jason and Chaise have never met before since Christopher has always tried to keep his daughter away from the evil. So, when they meet, what happens? Do they ever fall for each other? Will they even get along? Will Jason be able to protect Chaise through the evil in the world, or is this world too much of a hell full of sins for her to have a world of heaven filled with saints? © Copyrights 2015-present Bizzle_1994_Kidrauhl All rights reserved.


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Protect Me
by Rawrxx13