Checkmate (Doctor W...
By TheLivingParadox
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"So, what do Time Lords pray to?" Amy asked reluctantly. Well? Do you know? Because he did. And in that moment, his eyes may have fallen on someone to his left, who was a little taller than him in those freakish heels. The truth is, he had fallen for a superhero. Not any superhero who you would have heard of; her legacy has long since been erased. Even if you had heard of Ruby Oakley, you might well think that she is more of a villain, and no one would blame you for it- not even The Doctor. She's a woman who is absolutely insane: properly bonkers. She has been since she met The Doctor. Or, that's what he'd like to have believed. It's not that simple, of course. He's not sure of who she even is. Now, what is she? Well, no one quite knows. She's turning the story of seasons five, six, and seven of New-Who into something of a train wreck, and the mystery of her heritage is haunting every passenger on the Tardis. So, why is a small-town girl from Leadworth the one that even the last of Time Lords calls supernatural? Do you want to find out? NOTE: Graphic violence in a few areas. Reader discretion advised.


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by TheLivingParadox