Being his bride
By sierramysterious2265
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My eyes fluttered close as his lips pressed against mine. I moaned into the kiss as our tounges battled for dominance. Our lips moved in synch as i slowly slipped away from reality. Once again i was in my own little world. A world where this wasn't wrong. A world were he was kind and human. A world were i wasn't worried about being his bride. Meet 17 year old Annabel Parker. In the cruel world she was forced to be in her dad and her older brother Nathan were her rocks. But when her dad is killed in a car accident and her brother goes missing she's left to battle the world and her abusive step mother all alone. That is until she was sold to him. Meet 18 year old pureblood Sevastian. He is a royal pureblood. a direct descendent of one of the first purebloods. He has money power and looks. He could have anything he wants and yet something draws him to girl he finds crying on the side of the road. Now he has his sights set on her. the one girl he couldn't get with looks, money, or bribes.

black limos

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Being his...
by sierramysterious2265