Getting my best fri...
By samjie156
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I can´t contain my emotions anymore. I start crying. Cole is facing me, silence fills the moment as the drops of rain fall on our faces. His hand reaches out for mine, trying to comfort me. It is sad how that little act can´t calm me, especially if it is coming from him. It isn´t enough for me, I need something else to reassure me he cares about me. I feel so stupid for allowing myself to weep in front of him. I turn around, not wanting him to pity me. “Gillian …” He calls me by my name, which he only does when we talk about serious matters. I close my eyes , trying to ignore him . His voice makes things worse. He should just go . Why is he doing this to me again ? He seems to find joy in seeing me suffer. “Listen to me. You are getting everything wrong” His hand touches my side. I breath in. My skin betrays me, enjoying the little contact between us.

Getting my best friend back

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Getting m...
by samjie156