Volturi Daughter ~...
By grodesstinedrianlee
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Kylie Volturi is a hybrid. She's half human, and half vampire. But she doesn't know. She has never met her real mother, who died giving birth. Her biological father (Aro Volturi) did not trust himself to take care of her, so she was adopted by the Kirkpatrick family. But one night her adoptive family dies in a car crash. What will happen to Kylie? Will she uncover a dark secret about her heritage? Will she fall in love? *NOT EDITED!* All characters that I didn't create belong to the one and only, Stephanie Meyer! All Rights Reserved. All my works are copyrighted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. this includes all chapters, prologues/epilogues and associated content. Any unauthorized copying, broadcasting, manipulation, distribution or selling of this work constitutes an infringement of copyright. Any infringement of this copyright is punishable by law.

Chapter 1

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Volturi D...
by grodesstinedrianlee