The Secret Beast (G...
By ConnorEdwards18
  • Fantasy
  • boyxboy
  • fear
  • girlxgirl
  • lgbtq
  • mysteries
  • mythicalcreatures
  • romance
  • secrets


Annie Storm, a Mythical God undercover as a simple human. Having the power to control all creatures, but decides to keep to herself. Annie only wanted a normal life, but after her Brother and Uncle enrolled her into a Mythic High school, she soon figured out that normal wasn't what she wanted. She wanted freedom, security, and she wanted that short blue haired girl in the library. Sam Thunder, a tiny but fierce soon to be Alpha. She was a Hybrid from both Light and Dark side, causing most of her pack to hate her. Her mother was a Fire Fairy and her other mother was a Werewolf, being mates they couldn't fight the bond between them, but neither can Sam and Annie. Annie and Sam are both special kind of hybrids, Annie being birthed by a Guardian and a Original. While Sam kept to herself, not letting anyone know about her specialty. Not even you readers. Read on to learn about they're adventure, Romance, death, betrayal, drama and plenty more.

Chapter 1 'never normal'

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The Secre...
by ConnorEdwards18