Qubool Hai? (unedit...
By storyteller_vini
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You must have read a lot of contract marriages.. But, this story is going to turn all your predictions upside-down. No steriotypical romance or love.. Not the story of two people, it is a truth talking mirror showing you the faces of people surrounding you. Your tomb of illusions and fairy lands would crack apart and you gonna learn a new way to life..till the end. #233 in Mystery/Thriller- 30July2017 ©All Rights Reserved ©VinitaSangwan (Vinidzi) 10Oct2016 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> P.S: The plot idea of this story is given by my friend @ZaidiNida and am writing this story for her. 📝Our combo is a hindi-muslim combo of writer--plot_maker which shows the Unity of us Indians! It's my first novel, so you will find mistakes and the story is unedited. Constructive criticism is welcome so that i could improve my writing skills. Thanx for choosing this story to read.

A/N: Qubool Hai!

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Qubool Ha...
by storyteller_vini