Reach for the Sky
By GwenKnightx
  • Werewolf
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • suspense
  • werewolf
  • werewolves


She is his one desire... Werewolf Skylar Callahan turned her back on everything she held dear in search of a career. Now a public advocate for her own kind, her political ambitions have shot her straight to the top. But amidst the glitz and glamour lurks a dark presence, one who is obsessed with claiming Skylar as his own. To survive, she must rely on Wyatt Turner-a sexy, albeit lethal, alpha who insists everything be done his way. He is the only one who can love her... Wyatt is always looking to stir up trouble, and Skylar is trouble with a capital T. Not only has his wolf chosen her as his intended mate, but she also comes with her very own stalker. Consumed by his need to protect her, Wyatt doesn't care that she's determined to keep him at arm's length. It's his job to keep her safe, which means getting close to the stubborn she-wolf...just the way he wants it. Full novel available on Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, and Nook.


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Reach for...
by GwenKnightx