The Fate Of The Mar...
By EchoRising
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Book One in The Marked Chronicles. "He must be Thrown." The angel that spoke stared down at the young boy sedated in the infirmary bed. The angel's name was Aabel. He was timeless. Tall stature, massive white wings that fluttered in agitation, and betrayed his age. He had perfect features that showed no flaws. The only sign of his anger were his fists. They were clenched into tight balls at his sides. Aabel sighed and closed his eyes, as if the choice pained him. It didn't. ------- Only one person can rewrite the fate of Angels, Demons and mortals alike. That child must be stopped, at any cost. The Marked One must be destroyed, and hunted until his soul perishes, for if he succeeds, an entire empire will collapse, powerless to prevent the Great War from repeating itself. But when he is discovered, the Marked One is not killed. He is let free, to fall to earth, to live as a mortal. And so it begins


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The Fate...
by EchoRising