Four Elements Book...
By MarionAvalon
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#117 in Fantasy Second book of the Fateful Five series. A few weeks after the events of Hidden Powers, the Fateful Five are still working on mastering their elemental powers, and Andie and Bane are still in love. But when you're the target of a power-hungry Demon Lord, things are never as easy as you'd hope. Join Andie and her friends in a new chapter of danger, romance, and discovery. I am open to constructive critism, critique, suggestions and advice, so don't be shy, if you want to point something out! DISCLAIMER: I own none of the pictures and videos in this story. All credits go to their owners. If you are one of them and wish for me to remove the picture of video I am borrowing, please let me know and I'll do it at once. Thank you. Entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. © Copyright 2016 All work is property of MarionAvalon, any duplication or reproduction of all or part of the work without explicit permission by the author is illegal. This work is exclusive to wattpad. Any copy found elsewhere is an unauthorized reproduction. If you find any of these, please let me know.


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Four Elem...
by MarionAvalon