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By darkocean
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Trying out a new blurb: Merryn is a young Elven priestess that had taken emergency training of a thief to help her people steal the Book of Perdicion. The humans had taken it after winning the blood war, now five hundred years later the runes weakened. The god's shadows prowled the city, unable to leave with its soul still bound to the book. The Adapts said the runes would hold until she came back. They were wrong. (The book is still being updated, it's just in the older chapters already written. This has to be done or the ending won't make any sense. I can now see where I went wrong, so expect a few of the ending chapters to be changed or disappear as I tweak things. Many thanks to Dante_Greywolf for helping me fix things. :D Revisions are almost done! 30 chapters to go. Update: 9/13/2017 - 29 chapters to go. Update: 12/6/2017 - 27 chapters left to fix. Then reading them all over again, making notes, keeping track of the foreshadowing, red herrings (hea hea), twists, reveals, and backstory. Get all those in and the ending will fall in place like a Tetris block. I do apologize for being an awful slow update writer! When this book is done I'll be taking a break from fantasy and working on a completely different kind of book, as a thank you for any fans that waited this out. Update: 1/29/2018 To work on: 1. Finish the current revision. 2. Fix the dialogue formatting. 3. Fix the lack of inner thoughts, up it say 1-10% or so find where they would fit. 4. Add in a little more backstory as you're not teasing readers, you're tormenting them! 😑 Whoops. Wasn't my intention, wanted to invoke curiosity, lol. I'll fix it, but in small amounts too much and it'll break things. Update: 4/24/2018 25 chapters left to fix.

❧Chapter One: The Book ❧

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(On Hold)...
by darkocean