My Escape (Magi Fan...
By alexinwhite
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*I do not own Magi or any of the characters* Ashlyn's life had been anything but easy. Her father left years ago and her mother is very abusive, both physically and mentally. All her life all she's wanted was an escape. To be free from her life of torment. And she get's just that. One day, her mother is home from work early. Having been fired from her job, she takes her anger out on Ashlyn. Ashlyn eventually gets away, hiding herself in her room to cry, wishing for a way out, for anyone to help her. And just like that, someone appears to her. A creepy man with an even creepier voice, dressed in all black with stark white hair. He claims to be able to grant Ashlyn one wish, anything she could ever want. Ashlyn wishes for an escape, she doesn't care where, just anywhere away from this life. And he knows the perfect place. The world of Magi. An amazing manga and anime, one Ashlyn was very fond of. He can send her there with ease, and he does, but little does the teen girl know, there's a catch. A big catch. (31K words) Book two: Last Chance, A New Start! by SiloKurone :D

Chapter one- An Escape

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My Escape...
by alexinwhite