My Destiny [ A Ston...
By koolkat08
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Emma Stone moved to a city. New York. A city where unexpected things could possibly happen. A city where she could meet her true love, true friends and mostly know what life really means. Andrew Garfield, a typical teenage boy. He's handsome, cute, kind and everything a girl could ever ask for. For him, life is very normal. But everything changed when he met her. She gives his life a meaning. Because of her, he realize that life is worth living. Because of her, he has a reason to live in a world full of challenges. He loves her, but he doesn't have the courage to tell her. She loves him, but she's afraid that he might only see her as a friend. Join Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield as they give meaning to their lives. Are they destined to be together or not? Read and find out.

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My Destin...
by koolkat08