Cursed Times - Only...
By lhansenauthor
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By accident rather than design, Trueth - one of the last European witches - finds herself in an ancient Egyptian civilisation. It isn't quite what she has expected - for one thing this place is as full of magic as it is lacking in decent showers. Instead, there is evil lurking just below the surface of the Nile. Together with the friends and family she found in 'Cursed Times - What Now?', Trueth will need to embark on yet another world-saving adventure. One that hopefully does not end in a romantic shipping-wreck. From pyramids, tombs and temples - as well as a palace governed by a randy fourteen-year-old Pharaoh - her journey will ultimately take her to the mists of the North and towards her people. With or without a man at her side. 'Only Yesterday' can be read as standalone adventure novel, or as part of the 'Cursed Times' Series. Warning: In 'Cursed Times - What Now?' all you needed was popcorn. Now you need something stronger - much stronger! === Copyright information, given the recent acts of content piracy: All copyrights of the texts are mine exclusively. Any attempt at spreading any of the content of my works in any form will be prosecuted. If you are reading this in any form outside Wattpad - be it in print, as an e-book or as an excerpt of text, the content has been stolen and you are in breach of international copyright laws. This amazing cover was done by @csteptoe!

Prologue - No Day Without Demons

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Cursed Ti...
by lhansenauthor