A World We Live In...
By YasmineFernandez9984
  • Romance
  • bdsm
  • bondage
  • drama
  • manxman
  • master
  • romance
  • submissive


BOOK THREE Seb Underwood doesn't like drama but in fact avoid then to be involved in an unwanted situation. Now with a drug addict brother to take care of, he tried his best to keep his patience. With working long hours to pay his damn bills and help his brother Edward pay off his debt, Seb is at his breaking point. Now the past is back to haunt him, the man he claimed to love vanished and after three years, his Master Leon decides to come out of his hiding. No one knew where he went or why his sudden disappearance but all Seb knows is that he wants nothing to do with the man. He's changed and his disappearance showed Seb that he doesn't need a man in his life. As he continue stripping and sliding down that silver pole, Master Leon is determine to get his Submissive back whether he likes it or not. As secrets being revealed and their past slowly coming back to haunt them. They both face a challenge they aren't prepared to face ... facing their demons. As they both deal with their own past, they slowly realise that they need each other more than they think. Will their dark past keep them apart?

A World We Live In

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A World W...
by YasmineFernandez9984