Brooklyn Boulevard...
By hazzashood
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🏆BEST RANK: #9 in city || A young, aspiring artist moves to New York to further her career, seeking the great colleges they have to offer. She ended up on a small street called Brooklyn Boulevard, proclaiming it as her home and inhabited the small apartment building with whom she hoped to call her friends. And after that, she hoped to find a job to get her by, explore the well-known attractions that she had yet to see, and maybe along the way she'd find an epic summer romance to add to the excitement of her new, redefined journey in life. She had her life planned out from the beginning. But unfortunately, her carefully critiqued, seemingly perfectly analyzed plan didn't turn out the way she thought it would. In fact, it ended up being the polar opposite. It would have been perfectly normal if it weren't for one thing. More specifically one person. And to be the most precise, they went by the name of Harry Styles. Soon the normal and adequate life she sought diminished after her life-threatening mistake of bumping into him on the street. Now she was living his life, caught up in the secrets of his past and not-so-bright future. And the worst of it all: he hid behind a mask of normality. So she never knew that hell was creeping up on her. COMPLETED


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by hazzashood