Bad News (Wattys 20...
By MissBridgetAnn
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"You want more?" I nodded. "Say it." "Ian, I can't." "Like Hell you can't. Say it, or I stop." My mouth remained clamped shut. He started to move back down my body, stopping at my hips and throwing my legs over his shoulders. He looked up at me through his thick lashes. "Is this what you want?" Marla DePaul had remained unseen for most of her life. Throughout high school, she was practically invisible. This continued after she left out on her own, until she moved to Monroeville. There she meets Ian Grayson, local bad boy and proud owner of a bedpost covered in notches. When he meets her, he is relentless in his pursuits to get to her. Will she give in to temptation; or will she continue to hang onto her innocence and dignity?

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Bad News...
by MissBridgetAnn