Queen of the Skies...
By steves-phoenix
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Queen of the Skies series: Book 1 House Martyn has joined the Game of Thrones. House Martyn is located farther north than Winterfell and to the right of Deepwood Motte. The cold does not affect them; ice runs through their veins. Their sigil is the Ice Eagle, enormous, pure white eagles that are said to "block the North from the sun", and that is why it is so cold. Besides the Starks, they are one of the most powerful and respected houses in the North. This is the story of how House Martyn plays the Game of Thrones. Some will live, some will die, and some will rule, but no one is safe. [season 1 & season 2] (Disclaimer: I do not own game of thrones, only House Martyn, Ice Eagles, and their storyline.)

00 ~ Prologue

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Queen of...
by steves-phoenix