COMPLETED Nellie Lo...
By LestrangeBella
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COMPLETED Rated PG 19 Mature Content! How can a demon heal an angel's soul? When Sweeney Todd returns to Fleet Street after 14 years of being imprisoned in Australia for a crime he didn't commit, he had only one thing in mind: Revenge. He had it spilled through his own hands, the blood of the very person who ruined his life and led his wife to her suicide, Judge Turpin. But as he cleans all the evidence after he slit the judge's throat and ended its life together with an unknown beggar, the young widow, Nellie Lovett witnesses the crime and he had to decide whether to slit her throat as well and shut her up for life or spare her equally pathetic and miserable life. Little did he know that the beggar he just killed was his wife, and finding out that the widow's story about his wife's death wasn't all true, he decided to kill her too...but as he looked at her lovely eyes starting to lose the life, the memories of her innocense and youth filled his clouded mind. The memories of her red hair and stunning smile shook him back to senses and he let go even before her blood had ran out... Sweeney spared Nellie's life but that night had left her so taumatized and scarred that even a glimpse of his shadow drives her to madness. Will there ever be a chance for their souls to heal and find the love they didn't know they have been looking for? Or will their fate be filled with more crimes until the only escape they have is death?

We All Deserve To Die

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by LestrangeBella