Her Protector
By MackenzieWeeks
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She didn't say anything as she exited the bathroom. What could she say! Uh, you're right, I thought you were going to kill me! Ha, come on, like she would really say that! As she closed the door and turned around, she came within inches of Emrys' face. He happened to startle her, knocking her against the door. "Oh Emrys, you shocked me." "Mmm, say my name again, angel." What was going on! Why was she not weirded out about this! Instead, she felt.....turned on? "Emrys..." she said in a breathy voice. "Mmm, baby," Emrys said huskily, coming closer to Waverly, pushing her further against the door. They were now flush against one another. Why was she so turned on? It's not like she hasn't touched another guy before. As she stared into the forest green eyes of the man before her, she didn't notice that Emrys' hand had advanced. It had advanced so much so that it was now giving Waverly's bottom a squeeze and pulling her even closer to his chest. He heard the faintest moan escape her adorable lips; creating his own grunt. *********************************** He vowed always to protect her and love her from afar. To always keep her safe from others and.....himself. He doesn't want to destroy her innocence and gentleness, with his dark and corrupted world, that's why he stays away from her. But what happens when he's challenged with saving her and letting himself been seen or hiding in the shadows and letting her die. Will he save her OR let her slip from his hands? *all photos belong to their rightful owners.

Chapter 1 - In which he loves her from afar

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Her Prote...
by MackenzieWeeks