Anime One Shots!
By franchxsca
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"Heichou, this girl is writing fanfics about us!" Eren exclaimed, shoving his laptop in Levi's face. "Tch." "She's writing fluff about us, too!" Makoto said, the whole Iwatobi Swim Club standing around him. "I am ninety-five percent certain that this girl has no love life, therefore she dedicates her free time to us." L muttered, placing a thumb in his mouth. Light smirked as he watched from a distance. "She should be scared of making all these stories about us, I mean who the hell is (y/n)?!" Kaneki shouted, his ghoul eyes shining brightly in the night sky. "Chesca-chan loves us, especially Usa-chan!" Hani exclaimed with a lollipop in his left hand while Mori-senpai carried him. All the people in the room looked at him. "Awwww!" They exclaimed in unison. "Boy lolita type!" ----------------- All animes and characters belong to their rightful owners. You own yourself. And I own any OC's I may put in here. I may or may not have smut in here. *smirks Sebastian Michaelis-ly*


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